Palacio de la Magdalena
Av. de la Reina Victoria, S/n
39005 Santander


The Palace of La Magdalena is the most emblematic building of the city of Santander and one of the most prominent examples of civil architecture in northern Spain. With a majestic landscape, it is situated at the highest point of the Peninsula bearing the same name. Its construction, between 1908 and 1912, following the plans of Gonzalo Bringas and Javier González de Riancho, resulted from a municipal initiative: the Town Council wanted to present Kings Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia with a summer residence to consolidate the summer tradition that was taking root in the city and its province. The monarchs and their children spent their summers between 1913 and 1930 in Cantabria. Apparently, it was the Queen, called Ena in the privacy of her family, who especially enjoyed the landscape and the architecture, very close to those of her native England: writers and poets evoked her homesickness for the Isle of Wight and they actually associated it with her stay in Santander and her subsequent exile.

From the Second Spanish Republic, the Palace was given various uses that damaged its status, both internal and external: it was the headquarters for the Summer International University, a hospital, temporary residence for those affected by the fire of 1941… From this year it was owned, together with the Peninsula, by Don Juan, son of Alfonso XIII and count of Barcelona. In 1977 the Town Council purchased this property, which can be enjoyed by every citizen since then. The brilliant total restoration of the main buildings of La Magdalena ended in 1995. Today, the Palace is the venue for congresses and meetings; during the summer, the Town Council allows the Menéndez Pelayo International University to use it as its centre of activity. Among its attractions, the Palace boasts an interesting museum area which can be visited and which offers a significant part of the royal heritage in connection with the city of Santander.Final del formulario